New FS InVISION™ seed corn is the game changer you want on your farm. It’s the seed brand engineered with genetic muscle to challenge perceptions in the seed market. FS InVISION Seed Corn has a clearer vision for corn performance, one where innovative germplasm and technologies exceed your expectations. Because we cultivate strong and broad industry relationships, we can independently select hybrids and diversify genetics & traits like no other regional or national seed brand.

Because it’s from FS, you know InVISION is locally developed and locally recommended for superior local results.  And because it’s powered by FS Green Plan Solutions and your FS Crop Specialist, InVISION can reach its full genetic potential, season after season. No other seed brand or ag supplier can help you maximize every acre, like FS can.

Now’s the time to take it up a notch. We may be the challenger brand, but make no mistake: We’re here to un-cede the top seed.   So look for the FS InVISION logo cropping up everywhere. Then see your FS Crop Specialist to learn more.